Provide clean green energy for Home or Commercial Applications using the eternal Power of the Sun!

Over a Million Homes in Australia have taken advantage of Solar Energy.

Invest in your future and start reducing your electricity bills while helping the environment.

Using the Photovoltaic Effect, our solar power specialists can show you how you can reduce Energy Consumption with the right residential or commercial solar system installation.

  • Reduce your Electricity Bill
  • Become less reliant on the grid
  • Get ready to become Battery Storage ready!
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • The past few years have seen Electricity Retail costs rise almost 10% per year.
  • Such increases are likely here to stay due to higher demand on a daily basis for Power Stations to produce more Electricity.
  • Victoria’s high air pollution is a reflection of that demand!
  • The adoption of Solar and other Renewables contributes to a healthier environment while reducing strain on the Grid to meet future Power demands.

What type of solar system suits me?

An AC coupled system using a standard inverter is the most commonly used system. These systems can be selected as an add-on and still allow for complete off-grid functionality in the future. When selecting a hybrid system, there are a number of design considerations to look at that can affect operations.

What is grid connect solar?

Grid connect inverters convert DC electricity from panels into 240V AC electricity that can then be utilised by your household. Any extra power (where there has been a surplus of energy produced) goes to the mains power grid. Most electricity companies metre the electricity fed into the grid from your panels and credit your bill.

If these cells fail to produce power (like at night time), your house will use the regular mains grid electricity – you’ll be charged the usual amount for mains power. These panels last a long time and don’t require updating or maintenance. Plus, generous government rebates mean you can save thousands from a grid connect solar system.

What is hybrid solar?

A hybrid solar system is the same as a typical solar system but with batteries. Including batteries means you can store the extra power so you can use that extra build up at night or during ‘off-peak’ times. Hybrid solar has the capability to take a home ‘off-grid’ but that isn’t the intention of the system.

What is solar PV?

When you hear ‘solar PV’ it’s referring to panels that are tied or coupled to an inversion system down on the ground. ‘Grid tie solar PV’ system is the technical term for your typical domestic or commercial solar systems – these are commonly made up of panels and an inverter.

What is an AC Coupled Hybrid?

An AC Coupled Hybrid system is a standard grid tie system coupled with a hybrid inverter. These are increasing in popularity as they’re perfect for updating from PV. Not to mention, they’re cost effective to install.

What is a DC Coupled Hybrid?

A DC coupled hybrid is where a solar PV is run into a regulator. It acts as a battery charger and can connect directly to batteries which can then be connected to a hybrid inverter. The DC coupled hybrid is the typical structure for an off-grid system.

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